Why BTSE Is Launching a Token (by BTSE CEO Jonathan Leong)

The vision for BTSE has always been one of a multi-faceted financial ecosystem. Since we first launched BTSE in late 2018, we have been able to build up a comprehensive exchange that goes the extra mile when it comes to efficiency, security, and accessibility.

Built on an infrastructure on par with traditional institutional-grade trading platforms, BTSE boosts the security of our users while saving them time and cost. We have established fiat gateways for currencies from over 50 countries, and in our aim to make cryptocurrencies as accessible as possible, we are constantly working on new integrations. BTSE was among the first to list Monero futures trading and continues to support privacy-preserving solutions to our customers as we communicate with regulators to drive the conversation surrounding privacy in the right direction. And as a launch partner of the Liquid Network, we are excited to be contributing to the growth of one of the most promising Layer 2 developments for Bitcoin. I am excited to share with you an integral part of the BTSE roadmap: the launch of the BTSE token – the key connector within our suite of financial services.

In the wake of 2017’s token mania, many have become rightfully skeptical of most non-Bitcoin digital assets. Countless inexperienced teams and projects emerged with grandiose promises and nothing of substance to back them up. While it is unfortunate that many projects were unable to deliver, one positive consequence of these shortcomings has been a much-needed heightening of scrutiny in the industry. Those wishing to successfully participate in the burgeoning digital economy need to be held to a higher standard – and the team at BTSE is ready to take on the challenge.

Exchange tokens stand in stark contrast to the era of irrational crypto-exuberance. Whereas many tokens used to offer the promise of a soon-to-be product or ecosystem that may or may not be utilized, exchanges are already operating businesses that (in the best case, and definitely in our case) have an existing user base and generate revenue.

“The BTSE token is the key connector within our suite of financial services.”

We carefully designed the BTSE token to augment the user’s experience when using BTSE’s services in a variety of ways. That said, the token is a completely voluntary facet of the BTSE environment, and its creation comes at no detriment to those deciding to opt out. Everyone can continue using BTSE as they always have, but we now offer a way to level up the user’s experience.

I am confident that BTSE has a bright future ahead, and we can’t wait to reveal more about our plans to the community, including OTC, asset management, and lending services – to name a few. The BTSE token will play an important role in our ever-expanding suite of services. I look forward to continuing on our path of collaborating, building and learning alongside each and every one of you.

Jonathan Leong

Co-Founder & CEO, BTSE

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