What Makes Bitcoin Futures So Popular?

As the cryptocurrency market matures, an increasing number of smart traditional investors are joining the party. In order to make them feel welcome and familiar with the environment since day one, offering futures trading is quintessential. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the increase in popularity of this approach to trading is a strong indicator that we’re moving past the phase of clueless speculation.

Futures are all about having a plan, doing a lot of research, and establishing when to buy and for which price. They are basically an agreement between parties where they accept to do the trade at a fixed date, and at a mutually convenient price point. Unlike spot trading, you don’t just buy when you think the time is right; you replace speculation with a well thought-out plan.

In a nutshell, futures are less exposed to market volatility and also allow bears to bet against the cryptocurrency market (in most cases, it’s only about the performance of Bitcoin). And if we want to onboard smart traders from traditional finance, then we need to provide them with the means they like and to which they are accustomed. Institutions love futures trading because it’s predictable and allows for a proper long-term strategy.

According to data provided by CFTC (US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission), these traditional investors are really bullish on Bitcoin, and there is a significant surge to justify a feeling of optimism. Also, BTC futures keep on reaching new highs in volume at the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange): in just one year, we have seen a 250% increase. Major mainstream media outlets such as US News have reported on the issue as well, and the growth in interest has been exponential.

Trading Bitcoin Futures 2.0 on BTSE

At BTSE, we aim to build a bridge between the hundred-trillion dollar global futures market and cryptocurrency futures. In order to do this, we’ve studied the existing crypto futures market and made sure to deliver an efficient user experience which is built on a reliable platform (with little to no downtime and overload).

BTSE allows users who don’t own cryptocurrencies to become part of the trading game, thanks to the multiple fiat pairs we provide.

BTSE’s Futures 2.0 are all about combining the liquidity of several assets and markets with a proper utilization of capital and assets. Ultimately, all users should be able to find the proper pair and strategy for optimal returns on investment (ROI). We believe that these features are beneficial for the entire cryptocurrency market as this feature is especially attractive to traditional investors, allowing them to take advantage of the price volatility in a way they like and understand.

Furthermore, BTSE is the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer a crypto index future, which takes inspiration from the financial index future. Investors don’t have to worry about the performance of each individual asset and may regard the cryptocurrency market as a whole with all of its swings – so there will be gains during both “Bitcoin bull runs” and “alt seasons”.

About BTSE

BTSE is a multi-currency spot and futures trading platform custom-built and designed to bring efficiency and stability to the contemporary cryptocurrency trading landscape.

Through a number of technical key innovations, BTSE tackles some of the areas traders value the most: BTSE’s next-generation matching engine runs purely on memory without the need for a database. Thus, it enables sub-millisecond transactions and smaller risks of system overloads. Horizontal scaling further allows BTSE to upgrade with near-zero downtime. And last but not least, the entire exchange is self-hosted – an impactful security and performance advantage.

BTSE’s team is filled with individuals with elite institutional experience in finance, technology, ventures building, and the development of high volume trading systems. BTSE’s founding members come from backgrounds which include Goldman Sachs, Cisco and IBM.

The platform is licensed by the Department of Economic Development via the Government of Dubai and regulated through the Central bank of the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the exchange is endowed with strong banking relations.

Our aim is to be the platform that offers you the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at feedback@btse.com or DM us on Twitter: @BTSEcom.

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