Understanding Your Balance

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Wallet balances on the BTSE exchange depend on which product you are trading. There are several places in which you can view your wallet balances.


Your wallet balances can be viewed in multiple locations, according to which product you are trading. Each trading product has a specific wallet assigned to it. If you are trading Bitcoin Perpetual Futures Contracts (BPFC), your specific wallet balance for that product appears on the left side of the exchange interface, below the buy / sell tabs and the risk limit. The only exception to this rule is the BTSE cross wallet and cross margin setting.

To add or transfer funds to any individual wallet, for example to your Bitcoin Perpetual wallet, click the wallets tab on the top of the exchange interface.

*Wallet balances shown in the image are not real funds. They are from the testnet.

*Wallet balances shown in the image are not real funds. They are from the testnet.


Clicking on the wallets tab brings you to a page where you can see all your spot digital assets and fiat currencies, as well as all your individual trading product wallets. If you want to trade a specific product, transfer funds to that specific wallet.

If you want to trade Bitcoin Perpetual Futures Contracts (BPFC), you must transfer funds to that wallet from one of your spot wallets above. You can then trade BTSE Perpetual Futures based on the amount of funds you transfer to that wallet.

Withdraw / Deposit Funds

You can also withdraw funds from your spot wallets to a location outside of the BTSE exchange. You cannot, however, directly withdraw funds from your trading product wallets to a location other than the BTSE exchange. You must first transfer your funds to your spot wallet and then transfer the desired amount of funds off the exchange.

To withdraw funds to a location outside BTSE, click ‘Withdraw’ from the appropriate spot wallet, and enter the address you want to send those funds to. The address must be specific to the asset you are withdrawing; otherwise funds may be lost. Additionally, double check that the address you enter matches your desired withdrawal location address. It is wise to copy and paste addresses instead of attempting to enter them by hand. BTSE is not responsible for any lost funds.

To deposit funds, click ‘Deposit’ next to the asset you want to deposit, and use the address provided. Only send funds to wallets that are specific to the assets you are sending. Only send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet, only send Litecoin to a Litecoin wallet, etc.

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