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What Makes a Cryptocurrency Decentralized?

Without a question, decentralization is an overused buzzword. At the peak of the 2017 crypto bubble, we would see dozens of new projects emerging every day to promise that yet another field or activity would receive its fair share of decentralization via blockchain. However, time and the movements of the free market have taken their […]

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BTSE Launches Ethereum Spot and Futures Trading

We’re excited to announce that after Bitcoin, Tether, and Litecoin, Ethereum is the fourth cryptocurrency that you can trade on BTSE. Touted as the “world computer”, Ethereum is a permissionless open-source platform which enables the development and global deployment of decentralized application (dApps). Furthermore, through its ERC-20 standard, Ethereum is responsible for an entire surgence […]

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1,000 New Users Joined BTSE in Less Than 36 Hours!

On August 13th 2019, we launched a special campaign which rewarded 1,000 new users with $88 credit for trading fees, as well as $100 in trading capital. Less than 36 hours later, the maximum number of promotional sign-ups has been reached, and we’re absolutely blown away! We’re happy to see that our offer sparked such […]

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Tell Your Friends About BTSE for Your 20%+ Referral Bonus

As part of our expansion program, BTSE now allows you to invite your friends to the platform and rewards your efforts with a referral bonus of 20% of their trading fees. And it gets better: if your friends spread the word about BTSE’s incredible user experience and Futures 2.0 as well and sign up more […]

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Bitcoin Futures 1.0 vs. 2.0 – What Are the Differences?

Futures contracts are an established tool in the legacy financial system, and their appearance in the cryptocurrency space towards the heights of the 2017 bull run was met with great excitement. Simply put, a futures contract is an agreement between parties to purchase or sell an asset for a set price on a given date […]

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What Makes Bitcoin Futures So Popular?

As the cryptocurrency market matures, an increasing number of smart traditional investors are joining the party. In order to make them feel welcome and familiar with the environment since day one, offering futures trading is quintessential. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the increase in popularity of this approach to trading is a strong indicator […]