Notice: Quarterly Rebalance for BNC-BTSE Composite Indices

A quarterly rebalance of the BNC-BTSE Composite Indices will take place this Wednesday, August 4, 2021, at 08:00 a.m. (UTC). There will be no anticipated disruption during implementation.


Following approval by the BNC Index Committee, the quarterly rebalance will affect the indices listed below according to the updated constituent assets and weights:


  • BNC-BTSE Composite Index (BBCX)
  • BNC-BTSE AltCoin Index (BBAX)
  • BNC-BTSE Blue-Chip DeFi Index (BBDX)
  • BNC-BTSE Blockchain Interoperability Index (BBIX)
  • BNC-BTSE Maker Vault Index (BMVI)


Constituent assets and weights were determined on July 28, 2021, using the average free float market capitalization of the preceding five days for each eligible asset. Where needed, constituent asset weights were capped based on the weight cap and subject to a minimum turnover requirement of 10 basis points.


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