BTSE Now Allows New Deposit Address Generation

At BTSE, we’re fully dedicated to furthering the adoption of cryptocurrency through the provision of tools for our users. We’re committed to the delivery of new features to improve your trading experience, and to becoming the one-stop-shop for all of your cryptocurrency needs.

As many of you may already know, Bitcoin’s privacy is not as robust as it seems from the get-go. Certainly, the use of addresses disconnected from an individual’s identity offers a degree of confidentiality, but in reality, sophisticated blockchain analysis can track and ‘cluster’ linked addresses together to facilitate deanonymization. As a general rule, the use of the same address for more than one deposit should be avoided where possible.

We believe in privacy as a human right, and that our users should be able to exercise this right when it comes to their digital holdings – this is part of the reason why we joined the Liquid Network (which offers Confidential Transactions) as a launch member, and why we’re one of the few exchanges that support Monero futures.

If you use a cryptocurrency wallet (mobile or other), chances are you’ve been using a hierarchical deterministic one – commonly referred to as an HD wallet. What these do is enable users to generate a seemingly infinite series of addresses from a single master key, with the idea being that once one address has received funds, the wallet software will simply derive a new one – making it vastly more difficult for a blockchain observer to link addresses.

Our users will no doubt be happy to hear that we’ve integrated a similar system: from now on, you’ll be able to tighten your OPSEC through the generation of a new address for every deposit. To do so, simply head over to the ‘Wallet’ tab on your account, select ‘Deposit’ for your desired cryptocurrency, and click the ‘Generate New Address’ button to derive a new one (note that you cannot generate another address if the current one has not yet been used). It’s that easy! Scan the QR code or copy-paste the address into an external wallet to transfer funds into your account.

Our aim is to create a platform that offers you the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or DM us on Twitter: @BTSEcom.

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