Multi-Asset Collateral

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The BTSE exchange supports numerous crypto assets, fiat currencies, and stablecoins. Traders can use all of these assets as collateral against their derivatives (futures, etc.) trades.

To find your wallet balances, click on the wallets tab on the top banner of the exchange interface. Clicking the wallets tab takes you to a separate page on which you can view all your asset balances, transfer assets, etc.

(The picture above includes Testnet wallet balances. These are not real assets and numbers and serve as demo purposes only.)

In order to trade on the BTSE exchange, first deposit spot assets with which you can trade. To deposit any of the digital assets listed, click the deposit tab to the right of the asset, then send funds to the asset’s address shown.

(Be sure to copy addresses and not type them by hand, as well as double-check your addresses before using them. BTSE is not responsible for any lost assets.)

You can also send fiat currencies to the BTSE exchange from your bank after you verified your identity.

Once you have sent digital assets or fiat currencies to their appropriate spot wallets on the BTSE exchange, you can then transfer the funds to the appropriate futures wallet to begin trading. You only need to transfer the amount which you would like to use for trading.

Each futures wallet is listed on the second half of the wallets page, below the futures heading. After deciding which product you’ll trade, click the transfer tab on the top right side of the page above spot wallets, which brings you to the page shown in the image below.

Choose the fiat currency or digital asset you want to use to fund that futures wallet, determine the amount you want to transfer, and click the transfer tab. The digital asset or fiat currency you choose to transfer will automatically be assigned a USD value, the currency type BTSE uses for its futures trading, shown on the right-hand side of the box next to the amount in your futures wallet.

BTSE futures trades are cash-settled in multiple currencies. When you transfer other fiat currencies into futures wallets, those currencies are assigned a US Dollar value. When you transfer those funds back into your spot wallets, you are given the same amount as when you initially transferred those initial funds to the trading wallets.

BTSE also has a cross wallet. Once you transfer funds into your cross wallet, the cross wallet’s available margin can be shared by open positions from all types of futures contracts. When using cross, however, your margin is automatically set to 1x, meaning you can only trade with the amount of capital in that wallet and are not able to leverage that capital while it is in your cross wallet.

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