How to Use Liquid USDT on BTSE

Tether (USDt) is by far the largest stablecoin in the cryptocurrency industry, with over four billion dollars in market cap and 24 billion dollars in daily trading volume at the time of writing. It is pegged against the U.S. Dollar with a 1:1 ratio. Tether was recently issued on Liquid, Blockstream’s sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges.

We’re firm believers in the future role the Liquid Network will play on the exchange front. With a tremendous performance, we view it as a quintessential extension to the Bitcoin blockchain that can greatly streamline your trading experience. On BTSE, L-BTC and Liquid USDt are treated identically to their BTC/USDt counterparts but come with the advantage of fast transactions, confirmation time, and finality.

*Wallet balances shown in the following images are not real funds. They are from the BTSE testnet. Try it out!


To view your USDt wallet, click on the Wallets tab on the top of the exchange interface. Here you can see your spot fiat currencies and digital assets as well as your individual trading product wallets.

Withdraw and Deposit Liquid USDt

You can withdraw USDt from your spot wallet to wallets with Liquid integration (such as Blockstream Green). First, transfer your USDt to your spot wallet; from there, you can transfer your desired amount of USDt off the exchange.

To withdraw Liquid USDt, click on Withdraw next to your USDt balance, then choose Liquid and enter the Liquid USDt address to which you want to send your funds. Make sure you are entering a Liquid USDt address, otherwise your funds may be lost. Additionally, double-check that the Liquid USDt address you entered matches your desired withdrawal address.

It is wise to copy and paste Liquid USDt addresses instead of attempting to enter them by hand. BTSE is not responsible for any loss of funds.

If you wish to deposit USDt from Liquid-compatible wallets, select Deposit next to your USDt spot wallet, and use the Liquid USDt address provided – send only Liquid USDt to this address, or your funds are at risk of loss. Again, copying the address by hand is not recommended – copy-and-pasting the address before double-checking that both the provided address and the one in your wallet are identical is a much safer approach.

Trade Liquid USDt on BTSE

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