Empower Your Assets: BTSE Launches Staking

Empower Your Assets: BTSE Launches Staking

Empower Your Assets: BTSE Launches Staking

BTSE has launched a new Staking feature as part of BTSE Earn, providing users with added options when putting their idle assets to work.

BTSE Staking provides users with easy access to BTSE’s pre-vetted quality projects to earn high interest on a selection of 19 assets. Users are spared the operational hassles as BTSE undertakes the asset selection and allocation of funds. All of which grants them the opportunity to earn passive income on some of the most popular tokens, including SHIB, ADA, SOL, and others, on just one platform.

Interest payout is based on a floating annual percentage yield (APY), which varies with the selected lock-in period. BTSE offers four lock-in periods of 15, 30, and 60 days — each with a choice of 4, 19, and 17 available tokens, respectively. The longer the duration is, the higher the APY; rates go up to 80%.

BTSE Staking can be found on btse.com via “Earn”. Click here to stake with BTSE today and earn passive income by empowering your idle assets.


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