Compete in BTSE’s 30-day Trading Bot Challenge and Win $250

Compete in BTSE’s 30-day Trading Bot Challenge and Win $250

Compete in BTSE’s 30-day Trading Bot Challenge and Win $250Yup, you heard that right. BTSE’s very first trading bot challenge is kicking off! In this challenge, contestants will use BTSE’s new trading bot feature to compete for the highest return rates. US$250 of BTSE tokens will be given to two winners: one with the highest return rate, and one with the lowest positive return rate. Show us what you got!

Competition Information

To participate in this contest, users must create any trading bot on BTSE with a minimum fund allocation of 50 USDT and at least two programmed trades within the registration period to be eligible. 

To submit your final results, take a screenshot of your return rates (Performance) as proof and submit it to this Google form within the result submission period. Winners will be announced on January 12, 2023. Please see a sample screenshot below.

30-day Trading Bot Challenge Sample Screenshot

Before you participate in this event, please ensure that you read our terms and conditions below. 


Eligibility Rewards
One user with the highest return rate US$250 in BTSE tokens
One user with the lowest positive return rate US$250 in BTSE tokens
First 50 contestants US$5 each in BTSE tokens

Competition Details

Registration Period

December 1, 2022, 12:00 PM to December 8, 2022, 12:00 PM (UTC)

Result Submission Period

December 31, 2022, 12:00 PM to January 7, 2023, 12:00 PM (UTC)

Terms and Conditions

  1. All participants must have an email-verified BTSE account to be eligible.
  2. The minimum deposit to participate and create a trading bot is $50, with at least two trades programmed and executed during the registration period.
  3. A $250 competition bonus pool will be given to the first 50 users who create and set up bots for this competition. 
  4. All rewards will be credited to the winners’ accounts within 30 business days after the release of the official results at the end of the competition.
  5. Multiple registrations of BTSE accounts are strictly prohibited. Users who violate this rule will be disqualified from this event.
  6. BTSE reserves the right of final interpretation for all aspects of this event, and the right to disqualify any participant if, at BTSE’s sole discretion, it reasonably believes that the participant has attempted to undermine the event’s legitimate operations by cheating, deception, or other fraudulent behavior, or annoys, abuses, threatens or harasses other participants or BTSE’s event administrators.
  7. BTSE reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of this event without prior notice.


Question Answer
How do I participate in this competition? You must set up a trading bot on BTSE with at least 50 USDT and complete at least two programmed trades within the registration period.
Where do I submit my results? You will submit the proof of your trading results to a Google form that will be sent to all participants.
How do I set up a trading bot on BTSE? You can access our trading bot feature under the [Trade] tab on BTSE’s website. Watch our video tutorial for a complete guide on how to set up your trading bot on BTSE.
How do I know if I’m qualified or not after submitting the Google form? As long as you have an e-mail-verified account and can access the website version of BTSE’s platform, you’re qualified.
Can I turn off the bot I opened during the registration period and start a new bot? No.
Can I add or withdraw funds from my ongoing trading bots? You can add funds, but can’t withdraw until the competition is over.
If I already have a trading bot running before the registration period, can I use it to enter the contest? No.


Our aim is to create a platform that offers users the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at or on Twitter @BTSEcom.

Note: BTSE Blog contents are intended solely to provide varying insights and perspectives. Unless otherwise noted, they do not represent the views of BTSE and should in no way be treated as investment advice. Markets are volatile, and trading brings rewards and risks. Trade with caution.

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