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What Gives A Cryptocurrency Value?

Assessing the value of a cryptocurrency requires knowing where to look. Here are a few ways. Every year on January 3rd, Bitcoin celebrates its official birthday, celebrating the event by Satoshi Nakamoto making the Genesis Block live. No official value was given on a per Bitcoin basis immediately – it was essentially worth nothing at […]

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How The BTSE Token Can Boost Your Referral Bonus

In volatile cryptocurrency markets, it’s important to get the most out of every trade and take advantage of every opportunity to save/accumulate capital when possible. Enter the BTSE Exchange and Token, with special referral incentives. Thanks to the BTSE token, you can now make even more bonus returns for every friend you sign up. How […]

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How To Use BTSE’s New Unlimited Referral Program

As many of you may already know, over the New Year we introduced a very exciting new referral program. We’re here now with a quick update to walk you through the process step-by-step in case you’ve not had the chance to get involved yet. As a quick recap, here’s what the referral program offers when […]

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Protecting Your BTSE Funds with Blockstream Green

When it comes to your trading needs, we’ve got you covered. But while we pride ourselves in the security of our exchange, it would be foolish for us not to remind you that your funds are most secure when held by you. For funds that you’re not actively trading, it’s highly recommended that you seek […]

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Why BTSE Is a Liquid Network Launch Partner (by BTSE CEO Jonathan Leong)

The release of a working sidechain has been a long-awaited milestone in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Initially proposed by Satoshi in the early days, sidechains run in parallel to the main chain and promise to massively augment the capabilities of the Bitcoin base layer, in such a way that its security is not undermined. Blockstream’s Liquid […]