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How to Make Crypto Arbitrage Work for You

The volatile nature, or dynamism, of the cryptocurrency market makes it as attractive as it is risky for traders. Arbitrage is one way to overcome that and even to use it to one’s advantage. One word might well describe the crypto ecosystem: dynamism. True to the sector’s youthful nature too, change resulting in the volatility […]

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Cardano (ADA) Deep Dive: Strong Technicals, “Smart Money” Traction

We go behind the headlines to examine Cardano (ADA), its fundamentals and opportunities for traders. BTSE welcomed ADA onto its platform in June. Cardano’s ADA token has made impressive gains since the start of this year, even weathering through April’s cryptocurrency “flash crash” in fine form. In fact, the project with its token quickly made […]

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BTSE launches FRM Spot Market

We are pleased to announce that BTSE will list FRM spot market beginning today at 2 PM UTC. What is the Ferrum Network? Welcome to Ferrum Network, the first high-speed interoperability network for real-world financial applications. The Ferrum Network is building a DeFi ecosystem that interoperates across chains and removes barriers to mass adoption with […]

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Bitcoin Fractional Reserve: The Rehypothecation Risk

written by @thevladcostea Bitcoin is making its way into the mainstream, as it gradually becomes entrenched in the legacy financial system – but how does a fixed supply asset fare in a world of fractional reserve? As institutions begin allocating capital towards Bitcoin, more people who otherwise wouldn’t trust a historically volatile stateless currency will […]

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Beginner’s Guide To Trading With VWMA (Volume Weighted Moving Average)

By @savdoescrypto The Volume Weighted Moving Average (VWMA) uses volume and price data to plot an average. Unlike Simple Moving Averages, the VWMA will respond more quickly to price moves that are accompanied by higher trade volume. Traders will sometimes use the VWMA to confirm the strength of a trend, the validity of breakouts, and […]

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Collaborative Custody: The Era Of Multisig Security

written by @emylacapra Collaborative custody is a Bitcoin security solution that, for some, may encapsulate two important features: self custody over funds & a responsible 3rd party in case anything goes wrong. It’s recently been reported that the number of wallets containing 0.1BTC or more has reached an all-time high of 3,054,282. Moreover, since Bitcoin […]

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Beginner’s Guide To The Williams Fractal

By @savdoescrypto There’s an old adage in trading that goes something like “if you try to pick bottoms, you end up with dirty fingers”. You may have also heard people caution against “catching falling knives”. Both of these warn against specifically what the Williams Fractal aims to do. Simply put, the Williams Fractal aims to […]

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Physical Bitcoins: Tangibility With Varied Tradeoffs

written by @veriphibtc With the advent of scarce digital money in Bitcoin, the futures is clearly intangible. However, since 2009 we’ve seen physical representations of digital value manifest with varying tradeoffs. Money has been present in different forms and shapes since the beginning of human history. The ones that have survived and persisted as adequate […]