BTSE Token Listing – UNI

BTSE will list and support the Uniswap Token, also known as UNI, which will be made available for spot trading with deposits and withdrawals. This is a significant listing for BTSE Exchange, allowing users of the platform to have direct access to one of the biggest tokens in DeFi. The listing of UNI is paramount to our commitment to bringing real decentralized finance projects to our users.

The Uni Token 

The Uniswap Token is the decentralized protocol created by Uniswap which provides automated liquidity provision on the Ethereum network. The most foundational feature of Uniswap is their App portal, which allows for decentralized token swaps with ERC-20 compatible tokens like many listed on BTSE, including the recent announcement of Wrapped Monero. In addition to the App portal, Uniswap has an extensive DeFi analytics product that shows the liquidity available for many DeFi assets. Uniswap also has a Token List initiative that helps communities create their own token pools to improve discoverability and reputation among tokens.

For more information about Uniswap and UNI, check out these resources:

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Getting Started with DeFi

To date, Uniswap has over 28,000 tokens on the App with almost $3 billion worth of liquidity. 

The UNI token was created to help govern the Uniswap products to make them fully decentralized. In the same vein, BTSE is also here to help give access to tokens and tools that are present and potent in decentralized finance. Uniswap has distributed 60% of the total supply of UNI to its community members. Governance of Uniswap using the UNI token consists of ecosystem growth and public goods funding, among many other things. 

UNI can be interacted with on BTSE just like any other token with our WalletConnect and MetaMask integrations. 

DeFi has been a long time coming and BTSE has been excited to help shape it with our offerings from token availability, to wrapped assets, to our incubator program BTSE Labs. 


BTSE is dedicated to bringing the best to our users in cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. We believe that UNI is the perfect token to add as DeFi is becoming a huge part of crypto. We are delighted to be part of decentralized finance innovation and exploration and to offer the Uniswap token to our users and give them the opportunity to use UNI on the Ethereum network. 

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