BTSE Sponsors The Baltic Honeybadger Conference 2019

The Baltic Honeybadger Conference may just be the most important European Bitcoin event. Taking place in Riga, Latvia between September 14th and the 15th, it’s the place for Bitcoiners to get together and present their latest discoveries, fascinations, services, and products.

As a company which believes in the robustness and disruptive potential of Bitcoin, BTSE is excited to support the event as a sponsor. Quality conferences like Baltic Honeybadger connect the most passionate, creative, and brilliant minds in Bitcoin and fuel conversation, brainstorming, and collaboration.

BTSE, a multi-currency spot and derivatives exchange, offers Futures 2.0 that are designed to bridge traditional finance with the exciting world of Bitcoin, and allows traders to control their exposure to the volatile cryptocurrency market by letting each user decide if and how many cryptocurrencies they want to hold while trading.

BTSE’s platform uses one of the most scalable systems on the market: its matching engine facilitates up to two million transactions per second and operates through hot upgrades that eliminate downtimes, resulting in a truly 24/7 exchange. BTSE’s servers are further self-hosted, boosting the security and performance of our platform.

Helping the organizers of the Baltic Honeybadger Conference bring together names such as Adam Back, Jameson Lopp, Saifedean Ammous, Jimmy Song, Samson Mow, Peter Todd, Rodolfo Novak, Nicolas Dorier, Adam Ficsor, Pierre Rochard, Tone Vays, Francis Pouliot, Giacomo Zucco, and Alena Vranova (among many others) is a pleasure and an honor for BTSE. We will continue to support innovation, and we believe that the exchange of ideas is essential for the entire industry.

We’ll see you in Riga among some of the most brilliant innovators in Bitcoin!

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