BTSE Launches PhoenixDAO Spot Market

We are pleased to announce the addition of PHNX to BTSE’s Spot Market effective September 10th at 2 PM UTC.

What is PhoenixDAO?

PhoenixDAO is a community-driven decentralized ecosystem. They offer individuals, SMEs, and institutions alike the ability to utilize their suite of DeFi focussed protocols enabling them to deliver solutions quick-to-market across multiple verticals.

PhoenixDAO is a truly decentralized, open-source project that covers identity, payments, tokenization, and authentication alongside a dApp Store that sits at the heart of the Phoenix ecosystem. A core part of the PhoenixDAO strategy is to actively on-board both individual developers and enterprise-level corporations to build using the protocols to power their products. This will enhance decentralization, token utility, and the overall ecosystem.

What is the PHNX token?

The PHNX token enables a self-sustaining ecosystem, which will ultimately be led by the community via a unique DAO platform. Also offered will be a suite of dApps and a dApp store all within the PHNX ecosystem. The PHNX token enables for dividend payments to security token holders in PHNX, interest, and legal contracts as well as multiple use cases within the PHNX ecosystem.

When will funding and trading start?

Deposits and withdrawal will go live September 10th at 2 PM UTC, and trading will be enabled shortly after.


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