BTSE Launches Monero Spot Trading

We’re excited to share with you that BTSE now supports Monero (XMR) spot trading. Monero is the largest privacy coin by market capitalization and has a very active community of developers; its privacy features are peer-reviewed by academics, making it one of the cryptocurrencies with a practical use case today.

With this new listing on our platform, you can now buy or sell XMR with or for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, TUSD, and a wide variety of fiat currencies (including USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, and many more). Monero is further tradeable on BTSE without withdrawal limits, tier systems, or KYC for crypto-to-crypto pairs.

The listing of Monero enables you to trade XMR with a wide variety of crypto- and fiat currencies, without withdrawal limits, tier systems, or KYC for crypto-to-crypto pairs.

About Monero

Monero (XMR) is one of the most popular privacy coins. It benefits from advanced cryptographic obfuscation mechanisms which make all transactions confidential to the extent that only the sender and the recipient are able to see the amount sent and other data. While Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum leave permanent traces on their blockchains and can be subjected to professional analysis, Monero is private by default and completely secretive to outsiders.

From a technical perspective, Monero makes use of ring signatures to create plausible deniability in terms of linking transactions to senders, while also generating privacy-friendly Stealth Addresses to never have two transactions sent to or from the exact same address. Its cryptography is peer-reviewed by academics and specialists, and the fact that the system has worked seamlessly for five years is a testament of excellent and robust engineering.

XMR has use cases in extreme situations where privacy is a literal matter of life or death: citizens living in oppressive regimes who try to maximize their economic freedom (a fundamental right that many people around the world enjoy by default) minority groups with limited access to banking services, investigation journalists who find themselves in dangerous parts of the world, and undercover agents who may or may not do the work of Agent 007. Monero is private money for the world.

We believe that Monero (XMR) brings a lot of value to BTSE and are excited to offer an additional option for traders – and with that, a new gateway for added liquidity within the Monero network.

To trade Monero, simply sign up on BTSE – it takes no longer than a minute, and you’re all set!

Our aim is to create a platform that offers you the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or DM us on Twitter: @BTSEcom.

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