hxro spot listing

BTSE Launches HXRO/USDT Spot Market

We are pleased to announce that BTSE will list HXRO/USDT beginning

today at 2PM UTC.

What is Hxro?

Hxro is a cryptocurrency trading platform that sits at the intersection of trading and

games. It offers an alternative way for traders to play the market through innovative

products that are fair, highly intuitive and easy to engage.

HXRO has differentiated itself from traditional crypto derivative exchanges with unique,

simplified products and more attention to the retail user experience.

HXRO’s peer-to-peer parimutuel markets provide the fairness, transparency and 24/7

liquidity of DeFi with the benefits of a high throughput web application.

What is the HXRO Token?

The HXRO token is the primary exchange token for the platform. It is used for contract

entries, fee payments, incentives and rewards. It is also the platform staking token

required to participate in the HXRO Liquidity Producer Pool.

When will funding and trading start?

Deposits and withdrawal will go live September 1st at 2 PM UTC and trading will be

enabled shortly after.

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