BTSE Launches Ethereum Spot and Futures Trading

We’re excited to announce that after Bitcoin, Tether, and Litecoin, Ethereum is the fourth cryptocurrency that you can trade on BTSE. Touted as the “world computer”, Ethereum is a permissionless open-source platform which enables the development and global deployment of decentralized application (dApps). Furthermore, through its ERC-20 standard, Ethereum is responsible for an entire surgence of secure asset tokenization. In 2017, it further became a popular network to launch an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Since it went live in the summer of 2015, its underlying asset Ether (ETH) has constantly been ranked among the top 3 most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market. Most of the time, it has been the second coin after Bitcoin, and at one point in 2017 was even believed by a number of market analysts to take the king’s throne. At its peak, 1 ETH was valued at $1400.

Ethereum is expected to undergo significant upgrades including Sharding (a scalability measure which allows node operators to only run small specific fractions of the blockchain while being in sync), Plasma and Raiden (second layer protocols which resemble Bitcoin’s Lightning Network), and a historic switch to Casper Proof of Stake (a change in consensus rules which makes the protocol less energy-intensive and friendlier with the environment).

In order to maximize ETH’s potential, BTSE is offering all the means for traders to start spot and futures trading on BTSE. Cryptocurrency futures have seen a boost in popularity in recent months and are often regarded as the gateway to institutional capital.

BTSE offers you an intuitive UI, the ability to use multiple fiat currencies (including USD, EUR, GBP, RMB, and JPY, with more to be added), and a reliable platform which scales better and is less likely to crash than our competition’s. This way, you can apply your trading strategy without worrying about slow transactions or login difficulties.

About Futures 2.0

Developed by BTSE to combat the inefficiencies and barriers in current futures trading, Futures 2.0 allows you to post margin and trade and settle in any available combination of crypto and fiat. A wise trader will be able to leverage this feature in order to maximize their return of investment. Furthermore, traders who don’t want to hold cryptocurrencies themselves but still leverage the market volatility have every reason to use BTSE in their trading pursuits.

The dream of a bridge between crypto and traditional finance is being made real, and you are all in it!

Start Trading ETH on BTSE

In order to start trading on BTSE, all you have to do is sign up, choose your trading currency, and make a deposit of either fiat or crypto (BTC, USDt, LTC, and now ETH).

About BTSE

BTSE is a multi-currency spot- and futures trading platform which is designed to specifically target some of the biggest shortcomings of contemporary crypto exchanges. We use a next-generation matching engine that runs purely in memory without the need for a database, enabling sub-millisecond transaction times and drastically reducing the risk of system overloads.

Horizontal scaling makes BTSE the only exchange that can scale to any number of users with near-zero downtime. This is essential in a market that runs 24/7, as you want to keep downtime to a minimum (yet another issue most exchanges seem to have). It’s also worth mentioning that BTSE is self-hosted, which means that we don’t rely on the third-party services of Amazon or Microsoft. This allows us to insure greater security, uptime, and scalability.

The team behind BTSE has a solid background in the sectors of finance, technology, and venture building. Most of our experience is in developing high volume trading systems. Past companies of our founders include IBM, Cisco, and Goldman Sachs.

BTSE is licensed by the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai and regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE; this gives BTSE access to strong banking relations.

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