BTSE Integrates Blockstream’s Liquid USDT & Bitcoin!

We’re thrilled to announce support for Liquid USDt and Liquid Bitcoin for BTSE users. Recently, news broke that USDt was launched on Blockstream’s sidechain, so as to enable near-instant settlement across the Liquid network. As one of the original Liquid members, it’s a pleasure for us to be able to provide our users with an ever-growing suite of tools for interacting with the ecosystem.

“We’re very excited that Liquid Bitcoin and Liquid USDt are available on BTSE. With BTSE’s integration, we now have a corridor between Bitfinex and another large cryptocurrency exchange with billions in monthly trading volume – this is very good for traders looking for arbitrage opportunities.” – Blockstream CSO Samson Mow

The appeal of USDt stems largely from its ability to maintain a stable value over time, which it achieves through the backing of each token with one dollar held in reserve – ideal for users ranging from high-frequency traders to users that simply want to make use of a cryptocurrency-like offering that does not fluctuate wildly in value.

It’s safe to say that stablecoins address a myriad of use cases that traditional cryptocurrencies have failed to address, and USDt’s migration to Liquid offers a number of improvements to the asset class. As the protocol relies on a federation of signers to submit valid blocks, each can be generated at 1-minute intervals (Bitcoin, by contrast, only appends a new block every 10 minutes), allowing for faster settlement between exchanges, wallets and services.

Of course, stablecoins lack the magic of the digitally-native Bitcoin – L-BTC provides an invaluable conduit for traders to rapidly move around a Liquid asset pegged to Bitcoin, free of the constraints of the native protocol.

Liquid’s native support for Confidential Transactions ensures a much stronger degree of privacy, and the Liquid Swap Tool enables users to trustlessly exchange assets on the network. To top it off, self-custody will be possible with Blockstream Green (which now supports Issued Assets), and USDt will be tradeable on Liquid’s soon-to-be-released Securities platform.

“By integrating Liquid Bitcoin and Liquid USDt, we open a new gateway for customers on other Liquid Network member exchanges to easily send their funds to BTSE and take advantage of our products and features. Liquid has massive potential to become the preferred option for traders to move funds quickly and confidentially, which is why, as an early member, we actively support the network’s development and growth.” – BTSE CEO Jonathan Leong

We strongly believe that Liquid is shaping up to become a critical platform for traders, exchanges and asset issuers / receivers. In our mission to equip users with sophisticated trading solutions, we’re excited to be among the first to implement support for Liquid USDt and L-BTC, and look forward to integrating future developments on the emerging network.

Using L-BTC and Liquid USDt on BTSE

Getting started with Liquid USDt and Liquid Bitcoin couldn’t be easier: simply log in to your BTSE account and head over to WALLETS tab where you’ll be able to find USDt – (toggle between Omni, ERC20 and Liquid USDt) and BTC – (toggle between regular and Liquid) for both deposits and withdrawals.

Happy Trading!

Our aim is to create a platform that offers you the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or DM us on Twitter: @BTSEcom.

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