BTSE Global Ambassador Program 2.0

BTSE Global Ambassador Program 2.0

BTSE Global Ambassador Program 2.0

Are you a blockchain enthusiast or avid user of the BTSE exchange, passionate about everything in crypto, and eager to be more involved?

You are in luck! We are relaunching our BTSE Global Ambassador program. You can now apply to become one of our Ambassadors!

Following our rapid global expansion, we have been busy renovating our second Ambassador Program, and we are gearing up to receive new ambassador/promoter applications from all corners of the globe! 

By joining our Global Ambassador, you will get the chance to meet our internal teams, engage with like-minded crypto experts from all over the world, raise awareness of the BTSE exchange, and receive exclusive perks!

Who are BTSE Global Ambassadors?

BTSE Global Ambassadors are passionate members of our community that support BTSE’s platform in various ways, such as promoting the BTSE exchange and providing feedback to improve the platform. Our ambassadors play a major role in connecting BTSE with all of our worldwide users!

What does a BTSE Global Ambassador do?

You are key to the growth of our global community. Whether you are a social butterfly, a product guru, a language expert, or just enjoy connecting with others online, we have a mission for you!


As the voice of your local community, you’ll share knowledge and create BTSE brand affinity. As an ambassador, you will also direct people to resources that increase BTSE’s brand awareness worldwide.

Educate and Empower:

Foster and shape BTSE’s presence in local markets by sharing best practices with our users that will help drive brand awareness and inspire community engagement.


Engagement is at the heart of everything we do. Inspire engagement through online marketing, conversations, articles, campaigns, and events — nurture and grow the local community, one user at a time.

Provide Local Insights:

Actively listen and share real-time trends and insights from your regional community to help the BTSE exchange be locally relevant.

BTSE Global Ambassador Program Perks:

As an ambassador, the more passionate you are, the more recognition you get: from exclusive souvenirs to quarterly rewards, early access to new features, discounted exchange fees, and special rates of referral commissions. In addition, we also provide special rewards of BTSE tokens for top quarterly performers!

Have a special talent? What are you waiting for? Join us as a BTSE Global Ambassador Program now and cooperate with us to find out how you can help expand BTSE globally.

Apply here! 

Note: Please email with your registered email in the application form for record purposes. We will reply to you with the same email, please make sure to check your email spam/archive folder as well.


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