BTSE Functionalities

Trading on the BTSE exchange involves two different page/tab options on the top banner of the home screen, labeled futures and spot.

Futures Trading

Futures trading involves speculating on the future price of an asset, such as Bitcoin (BTC), traded via contracts. One BTC is comprised of 1,000 Bitcoin Perpetual Futures Contracts (BPFC). If you want to trade futures on the BTSE exchange, click on the futures tab on the top banner, circled in red in the picture above.

The futures trading page shows several main areas of interest.

To place an order for trade entry, look to the left side of the layout, circled in green in the image above. Input your order information in the boxes provided in this area.

You can execute a limit order by selecting the limit order tab on the top of this section and filling out the details. Just below the limit order selection tab you can also specify your order type, including stop-loss and take profit levels, by clicking the tabs in this row.

Additionally, you can place market and index orders by clicking on their respective tabs (to the right of the limit order tab) and filling out the required information.

The order book, circled in orange in the image above, shows the active orders and trades for the futures product you are trading, as well as the price at which the product currently trades.

The futures product’s price chart is circled in black. This chart shows specific price action for the futures product selected, according to the trades executed on the BTSE exchange.

The section circled in brown shows your wallet details, unrealized PnL, margin balance, position margin, order margin, and available balance, all dependent on your orders, positions, and available funds.

Your open position details are located near the bottom of the page, circled in purple in the image above. This section shows the details for your open position, including size, entry price, etc. Below that shows your active orders, stop-losses, and order fills.

Spot Trading

Spot trading involves trading actual crypto assets, such as Bitcoin (BTC) for example. If you want to trade spot assets on BTSE, click on the spot tab on the top exchange banner, circled in red in the image above.

Look to the left side of the spot trading page, circled in green on the image above, to input your order details. Contrasting futures trading, however, spot trading does not involve leverage/margin. Your wallet balance is available below the limit, market, and index order tabs.

To place a buy order, use the top half of this section above the green buy order bar, and click the type of order you want to place via the limit, market, or index order tabs. You must have enough funds in the appropriate wallet for your purchase as leverage is not applicable in spot trading.

To sell an asset you already own, use the lower half of this section and fill in the sell order information.

The spot order book, circled in orange, shows the price at which the asset is trading, as well as available orders.

The spot asset’s price chart, circled in black on the image above, is specific to price action on the BTSE exchange, and open orders are listed near the bottom of the page, circled in purple.

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