BTSE Earn: Introducing Warpspeed Fixed Deposit

BTSE Earn: Introducing Warpspeed Fixed Deposit

BTSE Earn: Introducing Warpspeed Fixed Deposit

BTSE has introduced two new fixed-term products under Funds on BTSE Earn. These products are made available in partnership with Warpspeed Capital, which focuses on decentralized finance (DeFi), quantitative strategies and venture capital. 

With Warpspeed USDT and Warpspeed USDC, users have the opportunity to earn passive income with minimal to no hassle. After they deposit into either or both products, BTSE will then lend the funds to Warpspeed Capital, which invests in high-value emerging projects. That enables users to access higher annual percentage rates (APRs) on those selected stablecoins.

Users can select their desired deposit duration of 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days, similar to other fixed savings products. But Warpspeed USDT and Warpspeed USDC offer rates that are some of the highest in the industry, starting at an APR of 10.50% and going up to 12.50%. 

Warpspeed Fixed Deposit adds to the growing range of options in BTSE Earn, allowing greater flexibility to align with users’ financial goals. Those idle savings can do more for you than you thought!


Click here to earn with Warpspeed Fixed Deposit.

Click here for a tutorial on BTSE Earn.

Click here for more information on Warpspeed Capital.


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