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BTSE Announces Listing of Saffron Finance

saffron finance

BTSE exchange is listing Saffron Finance to the BTSE Exchange Spot Market. Trading with Saffron Finance well begin on November 17th, 2020.

We are excited to announce that Saffron Finance (SFI) will be available on the BTSE Exchange. SFI will be made available for spot trading on [date/time]. The SFI distribution token used on the Saffron Finance platform allows their dynamic system to operate.


Saffron’s Dynamic Approach to DeFi

Another project that’s committed to expanding features of the DeFi world, Saffron Finance is taking liquidity pools – a foundational feature to the running cogs of decentralized finance – and making them more sufficient by offering what they call dynamic liquidity. What this means is that users of Saffron Finance can invest into a liquidity pool that changes the rate it contributes to DeFi liquidity in order to take maximum advantage of yield farming benefits. These changes can happen as low as once per hour to maximize the amount of liquidity across the DeFi “network”. This in turn gives users of Saffron Finance a higher payout to users of the platform.

SFI token, which is the delivery method of the liquidity pool payouts, is the token that will be listed on BTSE. Users of the exchange can buy and sell them directly on the BTSE exchange which is advantageous for those using the Saffron Finance platform and receiving SPI payouts. Those payouts happen every two weeks, known as an Epoch, based on an algorithmic method by how many dollars per second (dsec) have been made available for liquidity by the user.


Listing With Integrity

Taking advantage of liquidity pool catalysts are essential to the growing sector of decentralized finance. With “connections” like Saffron Finance, DeFi can grow a much needed infrastructure to operate efficiently. With the public listing of SPI to the BTSE exchange, this gives the opportunity for both Saffron Finance and BTSE to utilize both sides of our partnership. Every listing is important to us and we are happy to have Saffron Finance listed on the BTSE exchange.


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