BTSE Announces FLY Token

BTSE Exchange will soon list the Franklin (FLy) token, part of the platform’s continuous commitment to expanding its offerings and providing users with the best trading experience in cryptocurrencies. 

FLy tokens will be available for trading on the BTSE spot market on April 22, 2021 (Thursday), starting with a token sale at 11 a.m. UTC and ending at 2 p.m. UTC. Normal trading will resume shortly after.

As part of the three-hour promotion, BTSE will offer USD100,000 in FLy token value for sale at a 50% discount off the market price.

FLy token is the utility value asset that enables the VRM ecosystem of businesses to operate efficiently. This strategic listing for BTSE will enable its users to access FLy, help them learn about its benefits, and grant them exposure to the cryptocurrency market at a time when some parts of the world are restricting users from trading with confidence.

The FLy Token 

A very simplistic project and token, FLy was created by VRM, the platform whose sole purpose is to provide liquidity to order books on exchanges like BTSE. Involved in an estimated 1:15 trades on exchange platforms, VRM is unique in its preference away from the spotlight, unlike many other coins. It operates by offering liquidity in the form of “hidden order books”, also called “dark pools”. These pools are often hidden from the average user but allow for liquidity by giving an available measure of exchange in order to keep the prices from having a higher spread.

The FLy token supports VRM’s objectives by allowing users to add to the liquidity dark pool and obtaining 50% of the trading fees as a result of VRM performing maker and taker transactions. 

As the crypto market becomes more complex with the arrival of DeFI and the growing number of users, liquidity will be crucial for networks to function efficiently. FLy will play a key role in making order book liquidity more stable and helping more users to capitalize on a platform’s advantages. 

BTSE and FLy

The BTSE team, dedicated to bringing the best in cryptocurrency to its users, is delighted to welcome FLy on BTSE Exchange. BTSE’s goal is to ensure high-quality listings are made available to its loyal users and community in order to provide the best unparalleled offerings. 

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