BTSE Launches BTC-Priced Gold Futures

The BTSE HQ is pleased to announce the launch of a Bitcoin-priced gold futures on the BTSE Exchange.

BTSE users will soon be able to trade the historical safe-haven asset of gold against BTC with this new futures index. Gold futures traders will be able to place their action on whether the price of a troy ounce of gold goes up or down against BTC, rather than against traditional fiat currency.

This is a particularly interesting time for this option to be brought to the table. In light of the recent world tensions, Bitcoin seems to be joining gold in its acceptance as a store of wealth.

By creating an index that pairs two recognized stores of value, BTSE users can uniquely compare the two assets that are often viewed as integral in hedging against potential recession and rises in inflation. It only makes sense to bring together these two best examples of sound money.

BTSE’s gold index price is derived from Tether Gold (XAUt), which itself uses London fine gold, stored in a swiss vault, as its price source.

BTSE is proud to be the world’s first leading cryptocurrency exchange to launch gold futures priced in Bitcoin.

Trade Bitcoin-Priced Gold Futures

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