BTSE & Bitfinex Token Cross-Listing

We’re here with a quick update from BTSE HQ to let you in on the exciting news that the BTSE Token will soon go live on one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex.

This move is actually a simultaneous cross-listing that will see Bitfinex’s token, LEO, listed on the BTSE Exchange. For those unfamiliar, LEO follows a similar design to the BTSE token in that it is used to augment and improve the experience of trading on Bitfinex’s platform.

Coming hot on the heels of BTSE listing the Bitfinex-backed Tether Gold, this is yet another positive step forward in the ongoing BTSE-Btifinex collaboration.

Both BTSE and Bitfinex will open spot markets for the respective tokens. LEO will be tradeable on BTSE’s ALL-in-One Order Book against a wide selection of the many fiat and cryptocurrencies available on the BTSE Exchange.

Aside from the cross-listing of the BTSE and LEO tokens, both Bitfinex and BTSE are members of the Liquid Network. This means that traders have the opportunity to take advantage of inter-exchange settlement through Liquid Assets such as L-BTC, Liquid USDt, and the BTSE Token.

The BTSE Token

With the BTSE Token getting significant new exposure to the crypto world through this latest listing on BItifnex, it is now an excellent time to run through some of the great benefits that the BTSE Token brings its holders.

  • Level up your privacy by blinding transaction amounts and asset types thanks to the Liquid network.
  • Lower Trading Fees on the BTSE Exchange.
  • BTSE Token holders enjoy increased trading limits and rebates.
  • Exclusive access to trading bonuses and contests.
  • Significantly lower fees on the exciting, soon to be launched BTSE Debit Card.

If you have any questions about the BTSE Token listing on Bitfinex or any other BTSE related queries, please feel free to reach out to us via any of the social media channels linked below.

Happy trading!


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