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Cardano (ADA) Deep Dive: Strong Technicals, “Smart Money” Traction

We go behind the headlines to examine Cardano (ADA), its fundamentals and opportunities for traders. BTSE welcomed ADA onto its platform in June. Cardano’s ADA token has made impressive gains since the start of this year, even weathering through April’s cryptocurrency “flash crash” in fine form. In fact, the project with its token quickly made […]

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BTSE lists Band Protocol Token (BAND)

Band Protocol serves as an interface linking real-world data and a decentralized application’s off-chain smart contract source. Users can benefit from a number of use cases and rewards. Btse is excited to add Band Protocol (BAND) to its growing list of digital assets available for users to trade on its exchange. Band Protocol as a […]

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BTSE Lists Balancer (BAL), Gives Access to AMM Project

Balancer’s latest stable pools and planned Layer-2 Polygon solution launch are expected to drive project growth and further user interest in the AMM project.  BTSE has listed Balancer (BAL), the governance token of the Balancer Protocol, adding to the range of cryptocurrencies available to users on the multi-currency digital assets exchange. The Balancer Protocol, an […]

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What Gives A Cryptocurrency Value?

Assessing the value of a cryptocurrency requires knowing where to look. Here are a few ways. Every year on January 3rd, Bitcoin celebrates its official birthday, celebrating the event by Satoshi Nakamoto making the Genesis Block live. No official value was given on a per Bitcoin basis immediately – it was essentially worth nothing at […]

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BTSE Lists Filecoin, Expands Token Range

Filecoin’s planned HyperDrive Network Upgrade and its one million accounts (and growing) are set to add momentum for the decentralized storage project. BTSE is pleased to announce the listing of Filecoin (FIL) on its platform. By listing Filecoin, the multi-currency digital assets exchange welcomes FIL enthusiasts while expanding its offerings as part of its commitment […]

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BTSE Integrates Cardano Blockchain, adds ADA to Its Crypto Trading List

BTSE, which is committed to making high-quality digital assets accessible to its users, has listed Cardano ADA on its trading platform. Along with listing the ada cryptocurrency, the exchange has integrated the Cardano blockchain into its platform. The BTSE network, coupled with the Cardano blockchain’s features, will enable users to enjoy fast and decentralized peer-to-peer […]

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BTSE Welcomes Yearn Finance (YFI) Listing

BTSE welcomes the Yearn token (YFI) to its expanding suite of digital asset offerings, part of the exchange’s commitment to making high-quality listings available to its growing user base. Listing YFI, the governance token of Yearn Finance, is yet another step forward given BTSE’s goal of bringing greater efficiency, stability and liquidity to the crypto […]