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Important Notice: Completed: Cardano Alonzo Hard Fork

BTSE has reopened deposits and withdrawals of Cardano (ADA), following the completion of the Cardano “Alonzo” hard fork. BTSE supported the hard fork on September 12, 2021, occurring at epoch 290. Trading of ADA was not affected. The Alonzo hard fork brings on board Cardano’s Plutus smart contract capability and is expected to enable more […]

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Spot Trading: Digital vs. Traditional Finance

Although broadly similar, spot trading in digital assets and in traditional financial markets differ in fundamental as well as practical aspects — enough to merit contrasting assessments of value, risk and opportunity. The hallways of the investment industry can be challenging to navigate, even for the experienced. They are lined with risks that may lead […]

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Important Notice: Cardano Alonzo Hard Fork (Sep 12)

BTSE will support the upcoming Cardano (ADA) “Alonzo” hard fork. It will start this Sunday, September 12, 2021, at 21:44:51 (UTC), taking place at epoch 290. Please note regarding ADA services on BTSE: ADA deposits and withdrawals will be disabled starting at 10:00 (UTC), Sunday, September 12, 2021. Please allow sufficient time for ADA deposits […]

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Earning Passive Income Through Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining presents a path into the opportunities of earning passive income in cryptocurrency investing — but not without its risks. There are few things unifying people globally as much as the drive to earn more money. That’s where blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies step in with options such as liquidity mining, staking, and crypto trading. […]

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Futures Trading: Digital vs. Traditional Finance

Futures trading in traditional financial markets offers a basis for that in cryptocurrency markets. But key distinctions should be drawn — not least of all having to do with risk. There are several investment options available to investors in the traditional financial markets, such as forwards, spot, and futures trading. Understanding exactly what these trading […]

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Beyond the Memes: BTSE Lists Dogecoin

Dogecoin captured the imagination of traders everywhere. It has staked its claim as the ultimate meme coin for the masses and the famous, true to its peer-to-peer origins. BTSE is excited to bring one of the year’s most popular tokens, Dogecoin (DOGE), onto the platform. Listing DOGE further reinforces BTSE’s commitment to expanding its range […]

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DeFi: Distinguishing Layer 1 and Layer 2

The fascination with DeFi, and its draw for many, can be credited to its foundational integrity as well as functional versatility — complementary differences that help explain Layer 1 and Layer 2. Decentralized finance is extremely complex and rapidly expanding. In order to have a working model for any service in DeFi, it needs an […]